Therap Global is ecstatic to invite everyone to our upcoming virtual event titled, “Therap Global Virtual Roundtable: Increase Information Sharing with Families and Donor Organizations”. The online session will take place on October 17, 2023 at 10:00 AM (West Africa Time)/ 12:00 PM (East Africa Time)/ 12:00 PM (Arabian Standard Time)/ 2:45 PM (Nepal Time)/ 3:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/ 4:00 PM (Jakarta Time)/ 5:00 PM (Philippines Time). The virtual roundtable will focus on the efficiency of sharing information with families and donor organizations in a secure manner.

At the roundtable, attendees will talk about the importance of information sharing with the families and donor organizations. Therap experts will demonstrate how family members and donors can benefit from using different Therap modules. Through Therap’s different Demographic reports agencies can get relevant demographic statistics by active/inactive Individuals, language, gender, mobility, communication modality, country of origin and more. Donors can use these as essential data analysis tools which can help them create different audits and reports. 

 The discussion will also highlight how through different Therap modules, such as T-log, Secure Communications (SComm) module and others, family members can view and exchange individual progress-related information to connect with either an individual or a group of colleagues who also have a Therap login, making it possible to share personal, or individual care-related information efficiently and securely. Thus, keeping track of the progress of the children and sharing feedback becomes quite easy for the users.

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