Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) visited Autism Therapy and Behavior Learning Centre (ATBLC) in Dar Es Salaam, a major city and commercial port in Tanzania. Therap Global member, Ishya “Shae” Dotson was received and welcomed by Shaban, Owner and CEO of the centre.

Shae initially conducted an introductory presentation on the importance of person-centered practices, electronic documentation along with an overview of Therap. A question and answer session was also held to ensure the staff of ATBLC understood everything, where Shaban expressed his interest to train his team on Therap system during her stay in Dar Es Salaam. Shae happily worked with the admin staff on the Individual Intake process and Individual Data form (IDF). The training session also included setting up and creating user accounts. 

A training session on Provider Administration and various other modules was conducted by Shae along with Hajrah, Shaban, Mary, and Catherine, who are General Manager, Psychologists, Teacher/admin, and Volunteer/admin respectively. Shae also suggested initiating ongoing meetings to keep up with the progress and to enhance their understanding of the Therap system. 

ATBLC is a learning centre for children with disabilities, providing services like speech therapy, fine motor skills, vocational training, behavior management and more. Therap’s suite of applications offer person-centered documentation, reporting and communication tools for improved care, including Employment History through which users can create job bank of employers and maintain job histories.  

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