Therap Global team visited Philippines on August 2018. Johanna Kroth (Senior Training and Implementation Specialist), Abu Saleh Al Momin (Training and Implementation Specialist) and Prattay Iqbal (International Business Development Executive) from Therap Global team attended the 10th Anniversary of St. Philomena School. St. Philomena School has been  using Therap from February 2018 and Alphonsus De Alban (School Administrator) and Kimberly Casiño De Alban (Special Education Program Specialist) invited Therap Global to attend the 10th Anniversary of their school. St. Philomena celebrated a 4-day long 10th Anniversary event and all the activities and program were arranged beautifully. In the opening ceremony the mayor of Bulacan was present as the chief guest and a holy mass was organized. St. Philomena School arranged motorcade, memory photo exhibition and many more activities to celebrate this special occasion. Therap Global team is very honoured to be a part of this celebration.

Beside all the programs they also had training sessions with Therap Global team. Two teachers from St. Philomena School, Ernesto Pila and Anne Sundae joined the training session. It was an interactive training session, the teachers had many questions regarding the modules and after the training they understood the concept very well and they were excited to use Therap system which is making their work more comfortable and efficient.

Therap Global team went to the  National Council on Disability Affairs, Philippines and had the opportunity to meet Dr. Carmen Reyes Zubiaga (OIC-Executive Director).

Therap Global is looking forward to have more visits, online training sessions and information sessions in Philippines.

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