Therap team visited Beautiful Mind School (BMS) at Uttara on September 3, 2018. A team of eleven people from Therap were present on that visit. Therap experts in the PWD field, who had been working in the field of intellectual disability for more than 30 years were present during the visit.

Beautiful Mind is a private organization registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Bangladesh. This school was established in July 2004 and now known as one of the finest special schools in Bangladesh.

Therap USA personnel James M. Kelly (Vice Chairman), Maureen Noonan (Director of Customer Support), Nadine Sturgess (Billing Specialist/ Special Billing Projects) and Heather Thornton (Billing Specialist) along with Therap’s Global team, Marketing team, Software Engineers and Quality Assurance professionals from Therap Bangladesh were present during the visit.

Therap team reached school early in the morning. Mamtaz Sultana, the vice principal of Beautiful Mind School welcomed Therap team to their school.

Therap team got a tour of entire BMS building. The team got chance to see their activities and was amazed to see their way of providing therapy for each of the individual. Therap team also met with some individual who would be going to Dubai to participate the upcoming Special Olympic, 2019.

Therap team showed gratitude to the school authorities of Beautiful Mind for inviting Therap team to visit their school.

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