Therap Global team’s next scheduled visit in Nepal has been to Special Education and Rehabilitation Center (SERC) to conduct an onsite training session. Our Therap Global Training and Implementation Specialists- Asad Uzzaman Sazzad and Hasin Israq, were warmly greeted by Anish K.C., General Manager of SERC, Nepal.

A total of 8 teachers attended the training session followed by a practice session. This training session was detail oriented as it comprised how to use features including Nursing/Progress Notes for daily documentation and Individual Data Form (IDF) for maintaining vital information of the individuals at ease. Teachers engaged in this training session with great enthusiasm and are looking forward to future online training sessions by Therap Global.

SERC has recently relocated at the edge of Kathmandu, enabling them to enjoy the scenic view of the valley. They have residential services and in addition, they provide school bus service for students who come from other areas of Kathmandu. It is one of the leading schools for Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

Therap Global has been working with the service providers and agencies in Nepal who work with these individuals to help them efficiently document information of the Persons with Disabilities through Therap’s electronic documentation software. Therap Global team enjoyed their successful visit to this beautiful school and are looking forward to meet the other organizations in Nepal working with Persons with Disabilities (PWD).

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