Therap is delighted to have been able to organize a successful workshop, in collaboration with SERC school Nepal on April 13, 2018 at Grand Hotel Kathmandu. Special schools and organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) from all over Nepal attended the workshop.

The workshop started with the welcome speech by Anish K.C., General Manager, SERC school.

Moving forward Prattay Iqbal, International Business Development Executive along with Michelle Saunders, Business Development Consultant of Therap gave an overview of Therap to the attendees and talked about Therap’s activity globally.

Later on, Joshua Corzantes, Senior Training & Implementation Specialist demonstrated Therap system and addressed the issues and queries raised by the users in the workshop.

As a certified person centered thinker Ishya “Shae” Dotson, State Implementation Specialist of Therap addressed the importance of person centered planning and demonstrated capturing information using Therap.

Fayonne Johnson, Senior Training and Implementation Specialist of Therap addressed the health tracking module of Therap and how it can be useful to track individuals’ health information.

Over 40 people attended the workshop, most of whom were special educators, teachers, occupational and speech therapists and senior management from different disability organizations.

At the end, there was question answer session for the attendees. The interactive question answer session went on for a while and all the questions were addressed. Therap Asia looks forward to having more such exciting workshops for the users in Nepal.

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