We had yet another successful annual Therap Global Dhaka conference! There were many interactive sessions and workshops with our users. One of them was a workshop on documenting daily progress about persons with disabilities in an easier way using Therap’s ISP module. We wanted to provide an easy way for the service providers to document the daily progress of Persons with Disabilities, so we came up with a way by which the providers can track and document all the progress notes about their individuals. The workshop was conducted by our Therap Global team member Abu Saleh Al Momin (Training and Implementation Specialist). In this workshop attendees received hands-on experience in using Therap software. The attendees were provided with a Chromebook to practice and understand the application better. Also, we created demo accounts for the attendees to practice.

Therap Global along with Therap US team was there to answer any questions the attendees had. The attendees were given a demonstration on how to document and score the progress of an individual by using ISP Data. We showed them how we can instantly generate reports with one click along with how to create an ISP template.

Therap Global is happy for the opportunity to bring together users and stakeholders from agencies across in Bangladesh and is looking forward to working on them.

Please click here to know how Therap Global is helping agencies supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD).