Search ISP Program Template

Users assigned with the ISP Program Template View role are able to search the ISP program templates.

1. Click on the Search link beside the ISP Program Template Library option under the Individual tab. 

2. On the ISP Program Template Search page, after entering appropriate search parameters, click on the Search button from the bottom of the page.

Note: Users can select any option from the dropdown of the Status bar based on the Status Type

On the next page, ISP Program Template Search results will display the list of ISP program templates based on the selected search criteria.

Note: Users will be able to view the status (i.e Approved, Draft, Discontinued) of the form from the Status column

3. On the ISP Program Template Search page, click on the ISP Program Template form which you want to view.

  • For the Draft forms, Users assigned with appropriate roles can delete, update and approve the ISP Program Template. 
  • For the Approved forms, users assigned with appropriate roles can copy or discontinue the form, or apply the ISP Program Template to an individual (changes can still be made after the template has been applied).  

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