One out of every seven person in the world has a disability and the vast majority of them are of working age now. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the exclusion of people with disabilities from the labor market can cost national economies up to 7% of GDP. We need to focus on the skills and talents and on what still needs to be done to ensure the right to productive life and decent employment is fulfilled for every person with a disability.

Working for individuals with intellectual disabilities presents unique opportunities and challenges. One of the types of disability is Neurodevelopmental disorder.  Neurodevelopmental disability is in which the development of the central nervous system is interrupted. This includes developmental brain dysfunction, which can manifest as neuropsychiatric problems or impaired functioning.  However, with proper monitoring and care, this disorder can be improved.

On the bright side, the positive contributions people with disabilities can make to the world of work and society at large are increasingly recognized. Since 2003, BRAC has been working with Children with Special Needs (CSN), but children with any type of profound impairment are still segregated from the BRAC schools. To counter the problem, BRAC Neuro-Developmental Disability (NDD) Centre has been opened in Korail slum of Dhaka, along with other parts of Bangladesh jointly with BRAC’s health, nutrition and population programme (HNPP). Over 14,289 children have been receiving treatment of which 2,947 were provided with the assistive device.

Therap Global is the leader in providing electronic documentation solutions to agencies working with persons with disabilities since 2003. In collaboration with Therap Global, BRAC Sector Specialists and teachers indulged in training sessions as part of the implementation process to create new user accounts for multiple NDD Centres of BRAC. In addition to that, Therap Global also trained them on how to use T-Log or daily notes, how to enter Health Tracking data, along with one on one training was given to them. Therap with over 15 years of experience in the I/DD industry, understands the need to customize its services for different regions. Therap Global offers a web-based application suite to provide a comprehensive solution for tracking services along with other services.

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