Therap Global Training and Implementation Specialist Tanvir Mahabub, recently conducted a meeting with SWID School for Intellectual Disability situated in Jashore. The school was established in 1994 and was enlisted as an MPO by the Department of Social Welfare. The School currently supports around 60 individuals. The school authority warmly welcomed the Global team member into the school premises.

President of the school Professor Mostofa, Head teacher Aminul Islam and along with four other teachers attended the meeting. Tanvir initiated with a brief introduction of Therap Global, benefits of the system and how the Global team are even reaching out to different nations globally. Afterwards, he showed a demonstration of some of the modules such as the IDF, Demographic Report, T-Log and ISP Module. The school follows the SWID curriculum, consisting of three programs, Pre-primary, Primary and Special class.

The meeting ended with a tour of the school and it’s different kinds of activities for individuals. Overall, the school showed great interest for the system and acknowledged the importance of digital documentation.