Therap Global team visits Autism Care Nepal Society, Pokhara, Nepal

Therap Global team visited Autism Care Nepal Society in  Kaski District Chapter, Pokhara on September 20, 2019, where Mr. Dhruba Sharma, Vice Secretary of the agency received them.  Mr. Dhruba, along with Mr. Ratna Man Gurung, Vice President of ACNSP gave them a tour of the agency. The organization currently has 9 children and they follow a Parents Child Training Program (PCTP) where they provide training to the mothers of the children. The mothers teach different activities to their children focusing on their behavior.  The team gave a demo of  Therap software and went over the benefits of it such as documenting important information of their children regularly. The team also provided a presentation on different modules of Therap system [...]

Therap Global’s Onsite Meeting with Sathi Sansar Nepal (SSN) in Pokhara, Nepal

Therap Global team members, Abu Saleh Momin and Asad Uzzaman Sazzad’s (Training and Implementation Specialists) next visit in Nepal has been to Sathi Sansar Nepal (SSN), and they were received by Mr. Narayan Adhikary, Program Manager of the agency. During the meeting, Mr. Adhikary, along with one teacher provided an overview of their school. The agency currently has three programs including education, rehabilitation, and home visit. They provide services inside the school to 20 children with disabilities and allow home visit services to a few other children with disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy around the rural areas near the school. The school has allocated four regular teachers for education and residential program and two other staff for home visit program. [...]

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Dinner Meeting with National Association On Intellectual Disabilities-Nepal

Recently Therap Global team went on a dinner meeting with National Association On Intellectual Disabilities (NAID)-Nepal. Abu Saleh Momin and Md. Asad Uzzaman Sazzad, Training and Implementation Specialists from Therap Global went to meet Dr. Sachida Nanda Shrivastava, President of 24th AFID, Nepal and Mr. Ravindra K.C. (Principal, NAID & General Secretary, AFID24). NAID will be hosting the 24th AFID (Asian Federation on Intellectual Disability) Conference on December 2019 where Therap is the Technology partner and is one of the sponsors of the event. Mr. Shrivastava and Mr. Ravindra are really excited about the conference and told us that the planning for the event is going well and many agencies from various countries have already registered for it.  Nepal, officially [...]

Successful Training Session at Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS), Nepal

Recently Abu Saleh Al Momin and Md. Asad Uzzaman Sazzad (Training and Implementation Specialists) on behalf of Therap Global team visited the  Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS) in Nepal to provide an onsite training session. The Chief Administrator, Mr. Surendra Bajracharya gave a tour of the school and showed different rooms that they use for vocational training, occupational therapy and exercise. ACNS was founded on 2nd April 2008 on World Autism Awareness Day. It is a non-governmental, nonprofit making, non-political NGO registered in District Administration Office. The training session began with Mr. Surendra, (IT Officer) Kebin Maharjan and some of the therapists. ACNS uses both paper documents and an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) system for their documentation. Their IEPs can [...]

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Therap Global’s Meeting over Dinner with Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS) in Nepal, September 2019

Therap Global’s next visit has been to Nepal, where the team members were invited for a meeting over dinner by Mr. Surendra Bajracharya, Chief Administrator of Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS). When it comes to electronic documentation of medical and vital records for Persons with Disabilities (PWD), it's still not a popular concept in Nepal. According to UNICEF, although the country reports a 1.94% disability rate, the actual figure is assumed to be higher.  A discussion was held on the current implementation progress of Therap system in ACNS along with scheduling an onsite training session on the following day. As the institution has recently hired new employees, Mr. Surendra believes this next onsite training will be especially helpful for them. The [...]

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Therap Global’s Successful Onsite Training at Self-help Group for Cerebral Palsy in Nepal, September 2019

Therap Global team members conducted a successful onsite training at Self-help Group for Cerebral Palsy (SGCP) in Nepal. They were warmly greeted by Mr. Sushil Man Singh Prodhan and Mr. Bimal L Shrestha, Chief Programme Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of SGCP respectively.  The training session went well as four teachers of SGCP were trained on the Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Support Plan (ISP), T-Logs and more. Afterward, a discussion on feedback was held with Mr. Bimal and Mr. Sushil, along with four teachers, who provided positive feedback on the training session. Mr. Bimal also expressed his aim to further implement Therap system and their teachers will be working hard to implement the software at their premises. Therap Global [...]

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Therap Global Information Session in Rangpur, Bangladesh 2019

It was that time of the year. Therap Global organized its regional conference in Rangpur at the Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS) Bangladesh center. Around 50 participants from different backgrounds such as teachers, therapists, NGO representatives, and social workers attended the event. The registration for the conference started at 9:00 am in the morning. The main event started at 9:30 with a welcome speech from Abu Saleh Al Momin (Training and Implementation Specialist) from Therap Global team. Multiple sessions took place during the event. The first session started with a brief introduction of Therap Global covered by Hasin Israq (Training and Implementation Specialist). After that, the audiences were given a presentation on the importance of documentation for providing services to [...]

Dinner meeting with Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy, Nepal

Recently, Therap Global team visited Nepal and had a dinner meeting with the Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy, Nepal. Abu Saleh Momin (Training and Implementation Specialist) and Md. Asad Uzzaman Sazzad (Training and Implementation Specialist) from the team attended the dinner meeting with Mr. Bimal L Shrestha (Chief Executive Officer) and Sushil Man Singh Prodhan (Chief Programme Coordinator) from Self-Help Group Cerebral Palsy. Mr. Bimal had attended the Nepal conference in 2016 where he was first introduced to Therap software. Ever since then, he has always been eager to implement our software at his agency and is looking forward to taking necessary actions for this to happen. Both of them explained how they plan to form a team of technically [...]

How to Generate Individual Service Program (ISP) Report in Therap Software

Have you registered yet? Join our live group session on generating Individual Service Program (ISP) Report in Therap software. The live group session is scheduled for September 18, 2019, at 12:00 PM (GMT +6). In the live group session, we will provide an overview of different types of ISP Reports for Persons With Disabilities (PWD). Users will get an idea of how Therap’s online documentation software helps providers to better support PWD. Users can generate reports on the services provided to individuals to track service delivery and progress towards goals. There are mainly two types of reports: Programmatic Reports; Clinician Reports; Therap Global is the global leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Our software offers [...]

Therap Global’s Visit to Gifted Persons with Disabilities Centre (GPWDC), Kenya, September 2019

Therap Global team member, Ishya ‘Shae’ Dotson has been on an exciting trip to Kenya. At her next visit, she went to Gifted People with Disabilities Centre (GPWDC) in Kibera, which represents major Kenyan ethnic background. Shae met with Jeremy, Director of the organization, who is working with Sarah Mwikali. Sarah is currently working in the United Nations, New York on related issues. Their aim is to create an inclusive society and to bridge the gap of education and empowerment for youth with disabilities in Kenya. GPWDC works with the age group from 14 to 35 years old. Due to social stigma and lack of awareness, many youth do not start their education before the age of 15. Young people [...]

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