Therap Global team members Salsabil Khan and Tasnim Rahman Richi visited Kidziland to conduct an onsite visit on February 02, 2023. Mohammad Nazmul Hasan (Principal & Founder), Sabrina Amin Ananta (Vice-Principal), Afroza Lata (Office Incharge) including other teachers and therapists were also present at the time.

The visit started with our Global team briefing the members of Kidziland on different Therap modules that best align to their organizational needs and the individuals they serve. After that, they showed us the various documentation methods they use at their institution.

During this time, our team had a thorough discussion on the Therap system; Creating different Programs, Individual Intake – Admit and Program Enrollment, T-Log and many more! We then introduced them to the Therap Global’s Mobile Application as a much more efficient, user-friendly and simple tool for documentation.

As the day progressed, we got the opportunity to observe different projects they facilitate at their organization. The visit concluded with them expressing how Therap software could be beneficial for tracking and monitoring the activities of their clients and how they are eager for the future training session with Therap, which will focus on Therap’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Questionnaire module.

Overall, it was an informative and productive session.

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