Our Therap Global team members, Hasin Israq and Asad Uzzaman Sazzad are currently in Nepal meeting organizations working with Persons with Disabilities (PWD). On their second day, they were scheduled to do a training at National Association on Intellectual Disabilities-Nepal (NAID-NEPAL). They were warmly welcomed by Rabindra K.C., Director and Sudhir Bhattarai, Special Education Teacher at NAID-NEPAL. Locked between India and China, at the feet of Himalaya, Nepal is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders. According to Action Aid, more than 70% of the Persons with Disabilities in Nepal don’t receive proper help and support due to lack of documentation and other social stigma. Therap Global, the global leader in electronic documentation for Persons with Disabilities has been working with the service providers in Nepal since 2016. This has led to improvement in recording information of individuals with ease and efficiency.  

Hasin and Asad provided an onsite training session to the teachers in NAID-NEPAL. The training session was interactive, with an emphasis on T-Log and ISP module and its Mobile Applications. The teachers were engaged in the training session and asked questions regarding Therap modules. Apart from onsite training, Hasin and Asad also enjoyed singing Nepali songs with the teachers and students at NAID-NEPAL. Therap Global team had a wonderful time at the premise with beautiful music and sports activity. They are looking forward to their next planned meetings in Nepal with the service providers.

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