Overview of Dashboard

Therap’s Dashboard is what users see when they login to the Therap system. It presents the user with access to documentation that he or she needs to carry out, read and share based on the given rules set by the agency. The rules are controlled by means of Roles and Caseloads. In cases where you need access to something and don’t see it on your Dashboard, consult your Administrator about it.  

Followings are the brief discussion of different sections of the Dashboard: 

  • Header: The Header section displays the Therap Logo, Provider Name, User Name, Job Title, Quick Links (to few of our most accessed modules), Current Profile, Switch Profile, Module search option and the Logout link.
  • Tabs: In the left side of the screen, Users will find tabs arranged vertically with options like To Do (your worklist counts), Individual (Individual care, employment, finance modules) etc), Health (Health Tracking related modules), Admin (administration options), Agency Reports (Agency Wide reports) and Settings (user profile, password etc.).The tabs help to categorize the Therap modules according to the type of functions they serve for the users. 
  • Right Panel: The Right Panel shows features that users need to access on a daily basis e.g. Secure Communications, Calendar etc.
  • Footer: This section displays a few very important links such as Help & Support, Website etc. and lets the users know about our Copyright information and the Current Version of Therap Applications .

Here is a picture which shows briefly what each looks like:

The Dashboard

select program from isp program list

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