T-Log Search Report

Users can generate reports of the T-Log module to gather  data related to an individual.

1. Click on the Search link in the T-Log row under the Individual tab.

2. On the T-Log Search page, give the Individual Name, Create Date From & select the Status. Click on the Search button at the bottom.

Note: If search with all the individuals name is required then do not enter name on the Individual field.

Other options may also be entered.

Notification Level : Low, Medium, High.

Acknowledge Status: Acknowledged, Unacknowledged.

3. Clicking on the Search button will be displayed Search Report.

Note: You may click on the Individuals name of the row to view T-log form.

4. To view the search report in Excel format, click the Excel Exports link at the  bottom left.

Note: Excel Exports had two options : Export to Excel, Export to Detailed Excel.

5. The first few columns of the Excel Report will be look like this.

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