T-Log Search Report

Users can generate reports of the T-Log module to gather  data related to an individual.

1. Click on the Search link in the T-Log row under the Individual tab.

2. On the T-Log Search page, give the Individual Name, Create Date From & select the Status. Click on the Search button at the bottom.

Note:  To search for T-logs for all individuals leave the Individual field empty.

Other options may also be entered in the search criteria fields to narrow your search if desired.

Notification Level : Low, Medium, High.

Acknowledge Status: Acknowledged, Unacknowledged.

3. Click on the Search button to display Search Results.

Note: You may click on the Individual’s name in a row to view that particular T-log form.

4. To view the search results in Excel format, click one of the Excel Exports links in the bottom left.

Note: Excel Exports have two options : Export to Excel, or Export to Detailed Excel.

5. The first few columns of the Excel Report will look like this.

The first few columns of the Export to Detailed Excel will look like this.

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