To Do Tab

Users can find their workloads including Worklist, Approve list, Review list, Follow up list etc. divided up by module in To Do tab.

1. Users can view how many T-Logs, ISP Data, Appointment etc. forms has been created by other users.

ISP program on therap dashboard

Users can view forms with various notification level High, Medium and Low for T-Log.

2. Click on the count number to view the form list.

ISP program on therap dashboard

Example, By clicking on 5 in High Notification T-Log it will open a new page where all High notification T-Log will be displayed.

ISP program on therap dashboard

Dashboard counts for modules will usually remain on the To Do tab for 30 days. The exceptions are noted in the table below:

Module Count Days
T-Log High  8
T-Log Medium 5
T-Log Low 3
Health Tracking – Appointments Worklist 30*
Individual Data form (IDF) Worklist 90
ISP Plan Acknowledge 45

*If for Appointment module, the Appointment Date is later than 30 days after the Appointment form has been created, the saved Appointment form will remain under the To Do tab till the date set for Appointment Date.

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